Our events at Burning Man 2011

Remember to come by — or just look for us in the What/When/Where!

Barber Shop Haircuts
Daily, Tuesday – Friday, 1:00 to 4:00
Drop-ins welcome at this sci-fi themed stylists’. Get trimmed, spiked, buzzed – or just curl up with a libation and a B-movie. Locks of Love equipped.

Do You Cut Hair?
Daily, Tuesday – Friday, 1:00 to 4:00
We amicable aeronauts leave a barber chair open for YOU, the experienced stylist yearning to snip up playa dos ridiculous or ridiculously awesome.

Mohawks, Mohawks, Mohawks
Tuesday, 1:00 to 4:00
Don’t be the only kid in camp with normal hair. Our sexploitation starlet stylists are ready to buzz, trim, and spike you. Other hairstyles available.

Wheel of Hair Fortune Wednesday
Wednesday, 1:00 to 4:00
Choosing a hairstyle is hard. Mohawk? Fauxhawk? No-hawk? Let chance, a wheel of dos, and our team of Jane Fonda look-alikes make the decision for you.

‘Shave It All Off’ Thursday
Thursday, 1:00 to 4:00
Tired of that tangle that used to be your hair? Our sexy, space-age barbers are packing clippers! Locks of Love equipped. Other hairstyles available.

Facial Hair Friday
Friday, 1:00 to 4:00
Even those attached to their tresses are welcome at our intergalactic cuttery. Lose that beard. Shape those sideburns. No facial hair? Get mustached!



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Wait, you’ve never seen ‘Barbarella’?

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Inspiration for our decor

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Inspirations for our costumes


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Our “physical description”

Our small but striking frontage will combine the red and white swirls of an old-fashioned barbershop with the camped-up glitz of a B-movie.

Framed by glowing barber’s poles and a wide “Barber Ella Shop” sign inspired by a bygone haircutting era, a shade structure 20’ wide by 10’ deep will serve as our “storefront” for gifting scissor-related services. Inside the structure, which will be enclosed on three sides to reduce wind but will stay open to the street (so we can show off haircuts in process and invite in passers-by), three chairs each positioned in kiddie pools will be our styling stations. An old TV set surrounded by cushions, off to one side of the chairs, invites those in line to curl up and watch Barbarella while waiting for their de-hairing.

Meanwhile, hairdressers wearing silver spandex and flowing blond wigs complete the aesthetic appeal of this “drop-ins welcome” establishment — with hours and events clearly posted at the street for those interested in planning ahead. Alongside the event signage, a bulletin board covered in past and suggested Barber Ella Shop haircuts lets burners browse (mohawk or mullet? blue or buzzed?) at any hour.

The rest of our camp footprint — which will extend back, blocked off from the road by the barber shop — will be taken up by PVC sleep-shade structures for our 11 to 15 camp members, cars, and a common area for our cooking, cleaning, and gray water evaporation. Please see our map for layout details.

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Our “interactivity plan”

It’s three days into Burning Man and you’re ready to abandon that tangled mess that used to be your hair. Great, because Barber Ella Shop wants to give you a mohawk! And they want to do it while wearing silver spandex, white high-heeled boots, and enormous blond Jane Fonda wigs.

Barber Ella Shop brings together two of life’s most meaningful rites of passages: haircutting and watching movies that feature anti-gravity breasts. As both a barber shop camp and a living homage to the 1968 sexploitation sci-fi classic Barbarella, we gift our hair-related services in the name of playa-dos both ridiculous and ridiculously awesome. Decked out like an old-fashioned barber’s with striped poles and styling stations (i.e. chairs in kiddie pools), Barber Ella also comes with the campy appeal of haircutters in B-movie starlet drag. Again and again the film plays in the background, lettings out PG-rated “oohs” and “aahs.” Meanwhile, burners looking to let loose lose their burdensome tresses, turn their hair rainbow for a week of celebration, or make an entirely fresh, scalp-related start (buzz buzz go the clippers). Whatever they’re looking for, we’re at the ready with our imaginative styling skills and our ray guns.

Our mission at Barber Ella Shop, in addition to playing dress-up and making new friends (what better way than to touch someone’s head for half an hour?), is to provide the Burning Man community with a service that’s as valuable as it is simple: haircuts. Whether for a drastic transformation or a subtle one, we provide cutting, shaving, and dying in a variety of colors. Feeling itchy or creative with body hair? We do that too. No, we’re not professionals, but we have a lot of amateur experience, and we want to share what we know — and learn more from each new person. A trip to Barber Ella may be inspired by something as basic as the craving for a fresh shave, or as symbolic as cutting it all off — all at our humble, kitschy cuttery.

The “physical description” we’ve submitted gives an idea of what it will be like to spend time at Barber Ella, with its open storefront and hang-out area set up around the old TV set. A bulletin board of possible do’s positioned out front lets burners browse even when the shop isn’t open. When we are, those who don’t want haircuts are more than welcome to get comfy, watch cuts in progress, take in the movie, or just ogle our hairdressers (both male and female) in all their Jane Fonda glory.

As we will advertise in the What/When/Where, Barber Ella Shop will be open from 2:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday, taking haircut-ees (see: lucky victims) three at a time on a first come, first serve basis. Tuesday and Thursday will be theme days. Potential themes include, for example, “Mohawks and Margaritas,” or “Fauxhawk Frenzy.” Burners who go with the theme cut will be rewarded with special gifts — whether alcohol or blinged-out pins that state proudly, “I got fawked at Barber Ella Shop.”

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Barber Ella Shop wants to cut your hair at Burning Man 2011

It’s three days into the burn and you’re already cursing the tangled mess that used to be your hair. Barber Ella Shop to the rescue with an electric razor and a silver costume! Here’s us:

And here’s you:

Find us on the playa this September (fingers crossed)!


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