Barber Ella Shop 2012: take that, hair!


Last year was a busy one for us at Barber Ella Shop. We tripled the size of our shop, added a lot of new behind the scenes infrastructure, overhauled our approach to lines, and gave out nearly 200 haircuts! After some much-needed rest, we’re back up and organizing, getting ready and excited for 2013.

Hopefully you’ll find all the things you love (you love us, right?) about Barber Ella Shop on the playa again this year. As always, we’ll be giving out crazy haircuts left and right. Most likely, our open hours will be Tuesday through Friday mornings. Show up at 10:00 to get your name on our list, which fills up fast. Hopefully we’ll also have some new equipment that allows us to shave more intricate patterns, so start brainstorming about what you want your scalp to say about YOU.

Above is last year’s crew, telling our less friendly visitors to check out the corner of 5:00 and Fu… I mean, to have a lovely day on the playa.


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