The Intergalactic Wishlist of Love!

It’s true: We did not meet our goal for Barber Ella on Kickstarter. Though we’re sad to not have earned the funding, we’re as determined as ever to bring the space-age haircutting experience back to Burning Man, and make it better than ever!

A few of our backers asked if there was another way to help out. And in fact there is! We’ve put together an Amazon Wishlist of materials we’ll be needing for the camp:

The Barber Ella Intergalactic Wishlist of Love!

Some are specific to haircutting. Some are general infrastructure. All of them will help us be the best little barber shop in Black Rock for years to come.

To everyone who backed us: THANK YOU. Even though we didn’t make it, each and every one of your contributions meant the world to us. Barber Ella is about the community, and you fine folks are as much that community as anyone who stands in line midday in the desert, waiting for the mohawk of their dreams.

So once again, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts. Vamos a la Playa!


Barber Ella


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One response to “The Intergalactic Wishlist of Love!

  1. Hey. Looks and sounds EPIC!!
    I’m a hairdresser from uk and I’d def be interested in joining you for a few days next year if you guys are interested… Also I’m getting married at bm this first burn ever too.. When my friend sent me this link I couldn’t believe it because our theme is …. Barberella meets mad max!! Now, unfortunatly my good pal shelley is no longer coming šŸ˜¦ and she is also a badass hairdresser and was goin to banana my barberella bounce.. So regarding this I have a question.. Do you style as well as cut??? And if so is there any way to book in for a doo?? No snippings required just style as am having a more traditional wedding bk home post burn.. Next year tho can totally go to town on me:) I also have about 15 bridesmaides… Why not right!? Am just putting my feelers out atm. Please let me know what yiu think to my request. Big love! Can’t wait to meet you all!!!!! Fairy!! Xxx

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