Barber Ella Shop is back for 2012

Our inter-planterary playa salon was a great success at Burning Man in 2011. We gave more than 150 haircuts, made tons of new friends in the vibrant 9:00 plaza, and were proud to see many of our hand-crafted mohawks roaming the playa.

That’s why we’ll be back again at this year’s event, Burning Man 2012. Despite the ticket troubles that many camps have faced, we’re prepared to persevere — and even to step up our haircutting game. Here are some of the exciting additions we have planned:

– Expanded barber shop: Last year our humble frontage was pretty cramped (a high-class problem when you’re just so darn popular). This year’s shop will be three times the size, with a full waiting area for on-deck haircuttees to chill in the shade.

– More haircutters, more haircuttees. With a bigger shop, we can double the number of salon stations from 3 to 6. That means Burners can move through the system faster, and more people can get their hair awesomely did.

– Extended hours: Instead of operating for three hours each afternoon, we’re hoping to stay open four hours each morning.

– No more lines: We were thrilled that so many people wanted their hairs cut in 2011, but a lot of folks stood in the hot sun for hours only to miss the cut-off. This year, we’ve got a sign-up system that will cut down on wait time, frustration, and sunburn.

– Fancier frontage: We’re a pretty new camp, so we’re still building our reserve of awesome decorations. This year you’ll see more lights, flashier barber poles, vinyl posters of a burner Barbarella, more sci-fi decor, and a second TV for watching sexy B movies.

We can’t wait to see you there!


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One response to “Barber Ella Shop is back for 2012

  1. Ilana G

    Hello! How can I join you as a stylist? I’d like to specialize in curly hair.

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