Help us make Barber Ella awesome!

Oh yes, we’re fund raising. Our Kickstarter is live, and features a video of Scott wearing many wigs. Check it out, and maybe even consider becoming one of our backers!

Why are we fund raising? We were thrilled to learn recently that Burning Man is placing us in the bustling 9:00 plaza. Thus far, the Barber Ella campmates have put lots of hard work and creative energy into the project: a true labor of love. Now though, we’re hoping to expand our budget to fit our exciting location — to turn our humble haircuttery into a shop that’s shinier, sexier, and most importantly more accessible. Haircuts for all!



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2 responses to “Help us make Barber Ella awesome!

  1. Kat

    This is a great big friendly hello from your future neighbors, the Pancake Playhouse. We love Barbarella! In fact, there is an RV in our camp named Pygar, in whose arms we will be flying into Black Rock City. We can’t wait to hang out with you on the playa! If you will be there early to set up, be sure to come to our Breakfast for Dinner at 7-ish on Sunday. Or just stop by any time and say hello.

  2. Oh hai, Kat and Pancake Playhouse! You guys are awesome and it totally made our evening (yes, what we do on a Saturday night is prep our theme camp) that you all are not only delicious but might also someday be our FRIENDS.

    We will happily come by and eat your pancakes; you should come by and get yours hair did. Hearts to Pygar ;).

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